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Be Mad And Fight For Love !

by Miguel Discart
(Brussels, Belgium)

Be Mad And Fight For Love ! - The Giants of Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium 2020

Be Mad And Fight For Love ! - The Giants of Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium 2020

urbana-project - The Giants of Anderlecht 2020

The Giants of Anderlecht

As part of the Anderlecht artists' journey, Itinerart 2016, Urbana invited more than 15 artists to come and paint pillars of the Hall of Fame of Neerpede.

Throughout the weekend (April 16-17, 2016), several artists with multiple universes and influences followed one another who show their work through murals. Illustrators, muralists or even calligraphers have worked around the theme 'the giants of Anderlecht', a theme which lends itself to the vertical format imposed by the height of the pillars (between 6.5 and 9.7 meters)

This event was organized with the support of the tourism service of Anderlecht and the COCOF.

Hell'o - Solo Cink - Farm Prod - Blancbec - Eyes-B - Nean - Defo Dalbino - Steve Locatelli - Eres - Reset - Reab - El nino 76 - Demos - Aien & Ebola - Derm - Dzia - Dema - Lolo Fonico
+ other more local and prohibited creations

(Urbana is a non-profit organization with the desire to highlight contemporary urban arts by animating a global reflection of quality around all disciplines such as Street Art, architecture, urbanism, fashion, design , etc. By carrying out a complete and different scale project, our team's mission is to fill the gaps from which the representation of urban arts in Belgium suffers, at a time when the city and the urban networks are becoming increasingly difficult. importance in the lives of citizens.

In this perspective, Urbana wishes to serve as a project incubator and create a platform for information, meetings and support for artists. It will thus develop promising and innovative projects to promote and represent these emerging arts, set up spaces for artistic expression, improve their integration into the management of public and private spaces and, overall, contribute to the international influence of Belgian artists.

By emphasizing quality and critical thinking, Urbana wants to go beyond the gap that exists between what the urban arts scene is today, and the sometimes reductive vision that it shows.

The objective is also to support the transversality between the various stakeholders in urban planning in order to create an effective and lasting artistic emulation, and to create synergies which will show the capital as a catalyst of skills and creativity. )

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