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Easy English Crossword Puzzles: Learn English Through Crossword Puzzles - Volume 1

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This book contains thirty crossword puzzles to train and test your English vocabulary.

  • This book is intended for those whom want to learn English, and practice what they have learned. It can also be used to systematically expand your vocabulary of the English language. The thirty free-form crossword puzzles, in an eleven times eleven grid, need to be filled with,the most frequently used words in the English language.

  • This book is about fifty pages thick. Each crossword puzzles contains about twenty-five to thirty words, that need to be found. They help you learn new, and often used words. This book is what you could call a vocabulary quiz.

  • When you are learning a language, you sometimes just want to step away from the lesson books and native speakers audio-aids. Then doing something different, like crossword puzzles to study a language, is just what you need.

  • The puzzles are not arranged according to a theme. They have been constructed like normal crosswords, to make them more challenging. This book is very useful for learning English vocabulary, in a fun way. And the crossword puzzles are small enough, so you can finish them quite swift. This is a helpful tool.

  • Using this book your fluency of English will improve, as well as your retention of the words used.

  • Using this book can be an invaluable way to learn new words in English. It is a great way to boost your English knowledge.

  • If you get stuck, then you can use the solutions printed at the back of the book to get you going again.

  • On the other hand, this book with easy crossword puzzles, can also serve as a pastime, and help to train your memory. Not only can it be used for educational purposes. It is also just a book with easy crosswords.

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