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Crossword About Sweet Doing Nothing

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Crossword About Sweet Doing Nothing. I hope you will enjoy playing. And trying to complete this crossword. When you get stuck you can always consult the solution.

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Crossword About Sweet Doing Nothing

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Crossword About Sweet Doing NothingCrossword About Sweet Doing Nothing

1. The condition of everlasting life
9. "I'd like to ___ the Academy..."
14. '84-'01 Jeep SUV
15. An open space between cultivated fields through which cattle are driven, and where the cows are sometimes milked; also, a lane.
16. Belonging to the place or country by birth
17. We are a knitwear fashion house of colour, energy, and pure obsession for the craft.
18. A female given name.
19. Hot time
21. "Laugh," in Spanish
22. Intuitive knowledge
24. An islet, especially in a river
25. A group of birds consisting of the kingfishers
27. Hike
29. Having trouble breathing
30. Middle English forms of city.
31. A Crowding of Arctic Animals at Holes in the Sea Ice.
34. One who forms or holds an opinion.
36. The state of different areas or groups being joined together to form a single country or organization.
37. A small, soft, red fruit that you can eat raw in salads or cooked as a vegetable.
39. A Philippine name of the nuts of the pilaui-tree, Canarium Luzonicum. They are nearly triangular in cross-section and are pointed at each end. The oily kernel has an almond-like flavor and is eaten by the natives.
40. The obsolete of to plunge.
43. Any of various types of Russian and former Soviet fighter aircraft
44. A small genus of showy North American perennial grasses having ample panicles of 2-edged spikelets of which the lowermost glumes are empty and including several that are valued as sand stabilizers
45. "C'era ___ volta..." (Italian fairy tale starter)
47. What students and employees enjoy during Thanksgiving
49. "Sack" attachment
50. Arabian kettledrum
51. To disgrace greatly
54. '___ Crue'
55. Instrument used to measure specific gravity in urine, now largely replaced by the dipstick method.
56. Act like a peacock
57. Keeping a quiet steady attitude or pace.

1. A male escort at a wedding. (obsolete)
2. White, earthy powder used for optical glass
3. A simple shelter usually in a field for cattle or hay.
4. "An ___ of Darkness" (travelogue of India by V.S. Naipaul)
5. One in a superior position in life.
6. About 14 gallons in Budapest
7. Preacher
8. 2,800-mile river in Siberia.
9. Aromatic oleoresin
10. A hard opaque red glass made by the ancients
11. A genus of East Indian woody vines (family Menispermaceae) having dioecious flowers and very numerous stamens.
12. "Hey ___" (Steely Dan hit)
13. Bulge in a trunk
15. "It's their ___"
20. The state or feeling of being disturbed or agitated.
22. "Everything's Coming Up Roses" musical
23. "Ali" actress Gaye
26. Worthy or deserving of chastisement.
28. Something rotten or repulsive
30. Center for Innovation in Territory, Urbanism, and Architecture
31. If you drink it, especially by taking small amounts.
32. Artist of a sort.
33. To defame
35. If something becomes less interesting or less enjoyable after a period of time.
38. Menacing
41. One of three primal qualities or elements of matter according to Sankhya philosophy
42. A preservative of teeth (6)
44. Like an owl
46. "Monkey see, monkey do"
47. "Hard Hearted Hannah (The ___ of Savannah)"
48. Captured, in old poems
49. A plot of cultivated land, in India.
52. A Scot and northern English dialect word for a fox.
53. Sergeant major of the army

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