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Crossword: alert, see 10 special websites, like The Guardian, with daily crosswords, for you to play now, enjoy, and feel good.

Which are the most popular places, where I can find cross-words on the Internet,
with crossword puzzles that I can play on-line, that I could also print,
and where the solution is provided?

Why do crossword puzzles remain so popular even after all those years? It's because they are constantly being re-invented. Lately they have been adapted, so cross-words can be played on line. Many of these on-line applications, have the possibility, to print cross-words

Most of them, but not all, of the most popular cross-word providers are newspapers.

To help you find the most popular place on the internet where you can find a cross-word, in English, I have compiled the following list to help you.

Part One.

1) The Guardian | Crosswords | On-line and Free

  • First, I have for you: The Guardian | Crosswords | On-line and Free. This is a section of The Guardian newspaper. The free crosswords can be completed on-line by mobile, tablet and or desktop. These crossword puzzles are printable. The Guardian has a daily easy crossword, a quick crossword puzzle and cryptic crosswords puzzles. Click here to visit the website: The Guardian | Crosswords | On-line and Free >

2) The Washington Post | Daily Crossword

  • Second, I can mention to you: Daily free crossword puzzles from The Washington Post. This a devision of The Washington Post newspaper. You can play Washington Post's daily crossword puzzles for free on-line. And you will be able to check out other games on line at Click here to pay The Washington Post a visit: The Washington Post | Daily Crossword >

3) USA Today crossword puzzles

  • As a third, I can propose to you: USA Today Crossword Puzzles you can play.This belongs to the newspaper USA Today. You can play USA Today's crossword puzzles, for free, on-line. Crossword is a fun and engaging free on-line game. Play it and other USA Today puzzle games! Click here to pay the USA Today puzzle section a visit: USA Today crossword puzzles >

4) Merriam-Webster | Daily Crossword Puzzle

  • On the fourth position, I can introduce you to Merriam-Webster, being America's leading and most-trusted provider of language information, for over more then one hundred fifty years, in print and now also on-line.You can solve the clues to get the answers, with clues and themes updated on a daily bases.You could come back every day for a new challenge. For crossword fanatics and other word puzzle lovers, this is one of the places to be. Click here to visit the Merriam-Webster crossword puzzle page: Merriam-Webster | Daily Crossword Puzzle >

5) The LA Times Daily Crossword

  • Next, on the fifth place, I have for you, The LA Times daily crossword. It belongs of-course to The LA Time newspaper. It can be played, for free,on-line. You could also print it, if you would like to do so. Click here to visit The LA Times Daily Crossword page >

Part two.

6) The crossword diversions section of The Toronto Star

  • On the sixth place, I need to mention to you,  the crossword diversions of The Toronto Star newspaper. It is one of Canada's most popular newspapers, or maybe the most popular. It has a daily publication, so even on a Sunday it is being published. You can play the crossword on-line, or print it for your convenience. Click here to the crossword diversions section of The Toronto Star >

7) The crossword of

8) The daily crossword of Readersdigest Canada

9) Boatload Puzzles

  • Next, on the ninth position, I can give you, Boat Load Puzzles. According to the website, Boatload Puzzles is the home of the world's largest supply of crossword puzzles. Click here to visit Boatload Puzzles >

10) Best Crosswords dot com

  • And on the tenth place, I have for you, Best Crosswords dot com. As it is mentioned on the website: " is the largest supplier of crossword puzzles on the web, offering 16 new puzzles each day and more than 100,000 crossword puzzles in its archive. You can play the puzzles in your web browser, smartphone or tablet, print them in high resolution, or feature them on your web or print publication." Click here to visit Best Crosswords dot com >

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