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Easy Crossword Happy People

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Easy Crossword Happy People - Enjoying a happy atmosphere together.

Thank you for visiting, dear puzzler.

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Easy Crossword Happy People

Easy Crossword Happy People, one of my printable easy crossword puzzles for you.

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Easy Crossword Happy People

© 2022 - Frank Heymans - All Rights Reserved -

Easy Crossword Happy PeopleEasy Crossword Happy People

1. Result of coming up too rapidly
6. Bad thing to bring one's family
11. Put one over on
14. Dickens character called a "Heep of infamy" by Mr. Micawber
15. Poet Wystan Hugh ___
16. Eggs on toast, perhaps
17. "Birds flying high, you know how I feel,..." jazz, song.
19. Where the Boys ___
20. TV overseer (Abbr.)
21. January 1 drink
22. Campus wear.
24. Firmed up
27. Wheel of Fortune choice
28. Kind of cloud.
33. Floral ornament
36. Olympian deity
37. Transvaal, Natal, et al.: Abbr.
38. Like a Southwestern desert
39. Fuss over oneself
41. "... ___ of thieves" (Matthew 21:13)
42. Metaphor for a lack of agency
43. "Bye-bye," in Bologna
44. Shopgirl
45. Cheerful expression
49. Habitable hole for wildlife
50. Add to something done previously
54. Light-intensity unit
58. Wish one could undo
59. Ypsilanti college whose acronym is also a bird
60. Palette selection
61. Teensy-weensy piece of beef?
64. 'FWIW' part
65. Natural cavities, anatomically speaking
66. British weight
67. Romaine lettuce, alternately
68. One side in a pick-up game
69. For the Earth, it is called a perigee or apogee

1. Enthusiasts
2. How we stand
3. My daughter, to my brother
4. Team playing its home games at "JerryWorld", for short
5. Boisterous bash
6. Clay box
7. Reunion greeting
8. Fussy states
9. Siamese statement
10. Inspires affection
11. Warm friendly feeling toward a benefactor.
12. Happy golden days of ___
13. French father
18. Black, to Youssou N'Dour
23. Collectibles suffix
25. Vitamin M, for one
26. Nod
29. Writer Carolyn
30. Sounds as if big cask weighs 2,000 lbs.
31. Farmington River reservoir
32. Registered, with "in"
33. Vesicles
34. Social affair
35. Inflexible property
39. Map app marker
40. Yellow journalism purveyor
41. Tangent introducer
43. Places for premieres
44. Sugar-Plum Fairy signal
46. What any first-place finisher did
47. Body parts with arches
48. 1985 movie mystery based on a board game
51. Supposes, old style
52. Resident of Muscat
53. What 007 is assigned to retrieve in "Thunderball"
54. Very smart
55. Modern prefix with complete or correct
56. Hero of the "Legend of Zelda" series
57. Climactic intro?
62. It may be found in an Ancient Art department
63. ___ of the stretch

Indyword, The Crossword Editorial

Easy Crossword Happy People

This crossword being published here, has a theme called "happy people". When you are together with happy people, the positive vibes or emotions will get to you. Making you feel happy too. After all emotions are contagious. 

By Frank Heymans

Nov. 4, 2022

As I said before. Thank you for visiting, dear puzzler.
I have changed the format of the webpages at, where I put the crossword puzzles. In such a way, that you now are able to play this crossword online, without leaving my website. I hope you will like it.

Thoughts and Feelings about The Clues.

In this crossword I have added 3 words, that make the theme of this puzzle.

Here they are:

17A. The song FEELING GOOD, written by English composers Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd. Was recorded by Nina Simone for her 1965 album I Put a Spell on You. "Birds flying high, you know how I feel,..." being the first lines of this song.

45A. A "Cheerful expression" is what makes you notice that people are feeling happy. There is nothing so bad, that there is a good side to it. So let's be merry. And show me your SMILING FACES.

11D. You can't do it all on your own. There are always people helping you along the way. Even if you might not even notice them. So let us show some GRATITUDE, this "Warm friendly feeling toward a benefactor".

More Comments on Some of The Clues.

6A. We all tend to love our near and dear ones. We call them our family. But sometimes when we let them down, we leave them with SHAME. This is a "Bad thing to bring one's family ".

16A. As I have just learnt today, ROE is the eggs or sperm of a fish, which is eaten as food. A word seldom used for sure. I knew what it was. But didn't know it was called this way. And I guess you could eat them as "Eggs on toast, perhaps".

28A. In meteorology you will find a lot of different names, for a lot of different kinds of clouds. Not often used in our daily lives. Except if you work in a weather forecasting service. A "Kind of cloud" here being CIRROSTRATUS.

33A. Do you know the word SPRIG. Well, I didn't until now. One of it's synonyms just being "twig". I really didn't knew this word could refer to a "Floral ornament".

62D. "It may be found in an Ancient Art department", like a lot of other stuff. For example ancient Greek coins. But what is meant here is an URN. Often also found in homes these days. Although some might get frightened by it.

52D. An OMANI, is a "Resident of Muscat". It is the most populated city in Oman. Being an Arabian country located in southwestern Asia. The economy is dominated by trade. For example in spices. This is where the Nutmeg, also known as Muscat Nut, is related to.

43D. CINEMAS are "Places for premieres", launching the next blockbuster. Very popular and successful movies, usually because they are very exciting, are needed to keep the movie industry alive. Specially when it comes to generating sufficient income for cinemas. So they can remain in operation. Even when they need to compete with online digital platforms.

34D. Known as a dance party for high school students, and a "Social affair", the PROM, event is typically held near the end of the school year. For the 11th and or the 12th grade.Similar events, take place in many other parts of the world. Like in Ireland. Where it is called a debutante ball, or debs, sometimes called a coming-out party. Something to be happy about. :-)

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