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Easy Crossword Train Surfing

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Easy Crossword Train Surfing - An exiting, often illegal, and dangerous activity.

Thank you for visiting, dear puzzler.

I have changed the format of the webpages at, where I put the crossword puzzles. In such a way, that you now are able to play this crossword online, without leaving my website. I hope you will like it.

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Read "Indyword, The Crossword Editorial", a few words written by the editor, about this crossword at the end of this webpage. Be aware, reading it before you finish the crossword first, could spoil your fun.

Easy Crossword Train Surfing

Easy Crossword Train Surfing , one of my printable easy crossword puzzles for you.

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Easy Crossword Train Surfing

© 2022 - Frank Heymans - All Rights Reserved -

Easy Crossword Train SurfingEasy Crossword Train Surfing

1. ___ du jour (menus)
7. They were used in some ancient Egyptian executions. - Kind of snake.
11. G, musically
14. Shocked and awed
15. That blows!
16. Bird on some ranches
17. Islander gaining US citizenship in 1917
19. Shove forcibly
20. "Plenty more fish in the ___" ("Someone else'll date you. Probably.")
21. Order follower
22. Ancient Italic tongue
24. One way to deliver the goods.
27. Stay awhile
30. "I have ___ good idea"
31. Like parents of straight-A students
32. U.N. agcy. created by the Treaty of Versailles
33. Oahu dish
36. Homes' fun centers
41. A person who is not a doofus
42. "Tai" follower
43. Spring forward time
44. Word before pointer or printer
47. Set of eight (var.)
49. Caustic in speech
52. "Capote" waver
53. Require an erasure
54. Cause of wear and tear
57. Hangman choice, sometimes
58. How some tea is served
62. "... or ___ to be"
63. Do overhead plastering
64. In a cab, say
65. What bilges should be
66. Sports achievement award
67. Like bad cell reception

1. Ammo of a sort.
2. Chills.
3. "Cheers" co-star's first name
4. Black stuff
5. One-third of a wine name
6. Type that can't stay off the grass?
7. Inevitable process
8. Fox's cousin
9. Torso-protecting armor
10. U.S. upper house
11. Where a techie hooks up
12. Yemeni's neighbor
13. Measure of light's brightness
18. Leave destitute
23. Front-end protection
24. Battery's average life, in years
25. Like Emerson's bridge
26. Heavenly ring
27. Active.
28. Cookie some dunk in milk
29. Fun characterized by humor
32. 3, sometimes
34. Drop off
35. Cruise stopover, perhaps
37. Volatile solvents
38. "And ___ the field the road runs by": Tennyson
39. Set figure
40. Subjective news article
45. "___ you paying attention?"
46. Many a Christmas tree
47. Baddie in Perrault's tales
48. Doctors, often
49. Where witnesses sit
50. Cover with laurels
51. ___ minted
54. Pint or pound
55. Arc Angels "___ by Angels"
56. Avant-garde
59. Enjoy liqueur, e.g.
60. Part of an iceberg that's visible
61. Former name for Tokyo

Indyword, The Crossword Editorial

Easy Crossword Train Surfing

This crossword title is mentioning the activity of train surfing. Which can actually be very dangerous. Some people do it because their livelihood depends on it. In their struggle for live. Others do it because they get a kick out of it.

By Frank Heymans

Nov. 2, 2022

As I said before. Thank you for visiting, dear puzzler.
I have changed the format of the webpages at, where I put the crossword puzzles. In such a way, that you now are able to play this crossword online, without leaving my website. I hope you will like it.

Thoughts and Feelings about The Clues.

In this crossword I have added one theme word referring to train surfing.

Here it is:

24A. There are many ways to deliver goods. One way to deliver goods, that is very popular is the USA, is to deliver goods via the railroads. Which helps to tackle the climate crisis we are facing today. So the clue is "One way to deliver the goods." The solution being FREIGHT TRAIN.  

When I was creating this puzzle I tried to add more words, which refer to train surfing. But it seems quite difficult to add these words all together in the same puzzle. That is why I had to settle with FREIGHT TRAIN only.

I guess you could say that the secondary themes, by sheer luck are the following words:

36A. A room, for example in the basement of your home, where your children could spend time with their friends. When the weather is too bad to play outside. Or where you could organize parties. Like in the clue "Homes' fun centers". The solution being RECREATION ROOMS.

49A. When a person skilled in belittling or insulting others talks in the said way. An unpleasant person. Who does not know how to behave well with other people. Someone you prefer to stay as far away from as possible. Some one with " Caustic in speech". Making the solution SHARP TONGUED.

More Comments and Thoughts on Some of The Clues.

20A. Getting to know new people via dating apps has become common place. Creating an easy opportunity of finding a partner you really like. If the app itself can get rid of the trolls that is. The clue here is [ "Plenty more fish in the ___" ("Someone else'll date you. Probably.") ].  Then the solution is SEA.

30A. Every day I have a lot of ideas. The ideas that I am able to put into action will have a long-term effect. Usually I don't have enough time to work out my ideas. As a clue we have  "I have ___ good idea". The solution is  A REAL.

31A. When someone close to you did something good, so you feel really contented. Then this positive vibe, spreads. And makes everyone in your, for example family or group, feel good. This is "Like parents of straight-A students" feel. With the solution being PROUD.

54A. The "Cause of wear and tear" (= the clue), thus the damage to your house, your car, or books, originates from it's the daily USE (= the solution). If we wouldn't use our stuff, it would just deteriorate anyway. That's why buying stuff, without ever using it doesn't make any sense. On the other hand, when you need something, then just buy it. Even if it's expensive. Since you really need it. To help you solve an issue.  

64A. The last time I was riding in a cab or taxi, was in Milano, Italy. Going to the Linate airport from the Milano Centrale train-station. I have been in taxi's in Düren - Germany, Mallorca - Spain, Manila - The Philippines, Sicily - Italy. As far as I can remember. It felt good, it was like I had my private driver. The clue here is "In a cab, say". And the solution is RIDING.

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