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Easy Crossword Warm October

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Easy Crossword Warm October - Created to remember the warm October month of the year 2022.

Thank you for visiting, dear puzzler.
I have changed the format of the webpages at, where I put the crossword puzzles. In such a way, that you now are able to play this crossword online, without leaving my website. I hope you will like it.

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Crossword Warm October

Easy Crossword Warm October

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Easy Crossword Warm October

© 2022 - Frank Heymans - All Rights Reserved -

Crossword Warm October

1. "...and they could not ___ him" (Matt 17:16)
5. Nongrass plant
9. "... for man or ___"
14. Anatomical part named after the Latin for "grape"
15. "18 Days" band Saving ___
16. Arm bones
17. -- out (investigate, to a Brit)
18. 1984 song by Austrian pop rock band Opus.
20. Acapulco beaches
22. "Also he ___ forth a dove from him" (Gen. 8:8)
23. "D-OH" person, e.g.
24. "The ___ Verses" (Salman Rushdie novel)
26. "=" key sharer
28. "Clermont" power
30. Administration to an overdose victim
34. "Gallop ___, you fiery-footed steeds..." ("Romeo and Juliet")
37. "Strawberry" horse
39. A fertilizer
40. "B," to the Greeks
41. "Wordplay" genre, informally
42. "A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an ___ lives on": JFK
43. "... nor ___ bars a cage"
44. Adieus
45. A miner test?
46. Musical quality
48. "Cut me some ___!"
50. Bone-chilling: Var.
52. Aboveboard
56. "Learning to ___ with Mr. Magee" (Chris Van Dusen children's book)
61. "I can ___ to that"
62. "Keep it simple"
65. "City of Kings"
66. Bulging jars
67. "A cunning hunter, a man of the field"
68. "-zoic" periods
69. "En garde" weapons
70. "All the ___ That's Fit to Print"
71. "And there you have it!"

1. Architectural decorations
2. "Bag" in the back of the throat
3. Assembled again
4. no sweat
5. Bra insert
6. "Butterfly" attire
7. "Zebras"
8. "@#$!" cover-up
9. Break into parts, as a monopoly
10. "Bloody ___!" (Cockney outburst)
11. A Spanish liqueur
12. "A ___ Place" (1971 Tuesday Weld film)
13. "20 Under 20" candidate
19. "Slant 6" & "Iron Duke" engine type (2,4)
21. "Cough up," in poker
25. 'Step right up!' shouter
27. has some training
29. ways
31. Abrasive heels
32. "An ___ of Darkness" (travelogue of India by V.S. Naipaul)
33. "A Few Questions" Walker
34. "I don't care ___"
35. "Frasier" actress Gilpin
36. "Ararat" director Egoyan
38. "... long-drawn ___ and fretted vault": Gray
41. Flower called candytuft
45. "Belly" or "back" attachment
47. Asleep at the switch
49. Agamemnon's dad
51. "Heel" of the Arabian Peninsula
53. "Aida" debuted here
54. Buddhist self
55. "A new ___ on life"
56. "Portland, Oregon and ___ gin fizz..." (Loretta Lynn line)
57. 'Giant' seaweed
58. "'Twas on the ___ of Capri..."
60. "-", in :-)
63. "Had we never loved ___ kindly": Burns
64. "Eddie Murphy ___"

Indyword, The Crossword Editorial

Easy Crossword Warm October

A crossword dedicated to the warm October month we experienced. We have had this in the past. And probably we shall experience more hot October months in the future. Due to the world wide climate change.

By Frank Heymans

Oct. 24, 2022

As I said before. Thank you for visiting, dear puzzler.
I have changed the format of the webpages at, where I put the crossword puzzles. In such a way, that you now are able to play this crossword online, without leaving my website. I hope you will like it.

Thoughts and Feelings about The Clues

In this crossword I have added 3 words, that make the theme of the puzzle.

Here they are:

18A. A memory that came to my mind. I was still a kid in those days. And thus this belongs to the soundtrack of my life. As many songs do. Melomaniac that I am. " 1984 song by Austrian pop rock band Opus." is LIFE IS LIFE. Yes, I must have been 14 years old at that time. Oh my God, time flies.

62A. Trying to keep things simple in life. If it's to big a piece to take. Cut it in pieces. One step at a time, like a turtle, will bring you far. So, "Keep it simple" is LESS IS MORE. Throw away what you don't use anymore and create space for living.

4D. Always think about the long-term. Make sure you can keep going. And don't run into a burnout. So take it easy and take your rest. Don't let your own wheels make you crazy. Thus "no sweat" is EASY AS CAN BE.

More Comments on Some of The Clues

1A. With this quote from the Bible: "...and they could not ___ him" (Matt 17:16).
I was thinking: "... and they could not heal him". But then CURE is the correct solution.

5A. Now this is a difficult clue for me, " Nongrass plant", I am telling you. What is a "non-grass" anyway. Never heard of it, to be honest. It only means that it is not a grass. So the plant-name we are looking for is FORB. Like a sunflower apparently.

20A. Talking about the "Acapulco beaches". The "Riviera of Mexico", with some of the best beaches in Mexico. I was thinking of "coastlines" maybe. But it doesn't fit. The correct solution is PLAYAS. "Beaches" in Spanish.

28A. What is this? The clue is ["Clermont" power]. This isn't easy, that's what I am saying. This seams to refer to the, North River Steamboat of Clermont. The first steamboat in public service, carrying paying passengers between Albany and New York City. The solution is STEAM.

41A. I couldn't let this one pass. The clue being [ "Wordplay" genre, informally ]? What could this be actually? A literary technique and a form of wit in which words used become the main subject of the work. The solution here is INDIE.

6D. Butterflies, I have been seeing many of them, this past summer in my small garden. Even up until this very day. In this warm October month of 2022. Specially since we have planted lot's of butterflies attracting flowers. But what could be a "Butterfly" attire"? In 3 letters. The solution is OBI. Being a belt of varying size and shape worn with traditional Japanese clothing, often decorated with of course butterflies.

11D. When I think about "A Spanish liqueur", the one that comes to mind is "sherry". But this doesn't fit. The solution here is ANIS. Where I knew that people are using anis in France to make liqueur. I was ignorant about the fact it's also being used in Italy and Spain.

36D. This clue reminds me of a film I once saw, or at least I presume that I saw it, in the early 1990-ties, during the Ghent, Belgium, Film Fest. The movie was called "Exotica". The clue here is ["Ararat" director Egoyan ]. The name of the producer being ATOM Egoyan. Being also the solution.

41D. The clue being "Flower called candytuft". Flowering plants support the bio-diversity in our world. We can all use our gardens to help and support the variety of bees and butterflies. By planting and sowing flowers these insects need to survive and reproduce. The solution is IBERIS.

47D. When you are "Asleep at the switch", then you aren't taking care of things as you should do. Maybe you are exhausted? Or maybe you are being overwhelmed by lifes burdens, and you need to take a step back. And recharge your battery. Always take good care of yourselve. Anway the solution here is REMISS.

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